Galveston Causeway (part 2)

The Galveston Causeway is much more than a bridge to many people.  For those of us that live on the island, it is our lifeblood and probably the only reason we can survive on this thin strip of sand.  It allows good and services to be brought to us, and brings millions of tourists here to enjoy what we call home.  It also acts as a shield or barrier from what is on the other side of it. Simply by crossing the bridge into Galveston gives many people a sense of freedom from the worries and troubles on the other side of it.  At the apex of the Causeway, they can finally relax because now, they are in Galveston. You can see more of my work on my website:

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New Project - Galveston Causeway

Although I haven't posted in a while, I have been working on a couple of new projects.  The following are a few images of a series I'm working on with the Galveston Causeway as a subject.  For the technical details on the bridge, check the Traylor Bros. website. I've chosen this bridge as a subject because it is a daily part of my life.  I live close by, so I'm constantly seeing it in new ways.  As I walk my dogs around the neighborhood, the bridge dominates the view to the north.  Light and shadow on the bridge changes by the hour, so at times it looks light and airy where at other times can look dark, ominous and cold.  The images below are obviously of the dark/moody type.

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Dark Skies

I'm sure to many of you, Silver Efex Pro is old news.  I've know about the software for a while now, but had been content with using the tools built into Lightroom.  I took the plunge recently and installed Silver Efex Pro to see what it could do for me, and what a world of difference.  It's almost like being in the darkroom again.  Being able to selectively work with parts of the images to control exposure and contrast is great.

The images below were processed with the new (to me) software; I believe they may be a bit over processed, but I don't really care.  Experimenting is part of the process of learning the new tool.  I'm sure over time I'll dial it back again.

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Sea Arama

When I was growing up, Sea Arama was one of the most loved attractions on Galveston Island.  It had  all kinds of things to see and do.   Water ski shows, snake tamers, Marine Aquariums, and  Sea Lion Shows were some of the fun things waiting for you at Sea Arama.  I vividly remember going there with my family when I was about 5 years old. Today, it has been fully demolished and nothing is left but a small lake.

Find out more about Sea Arama and it's history, click here.

Sea Arama-01
Sea Arama-01
Sea Arama-02
Sea Arama-02
Sea Arama-03
Sea Arama-03
Sea Arama-04
Sea Arama-04