Website redesign and new photography

Hi everyone,

I've changed up the way my website is structured and I believe it's much better suited to the way I do photography.  All photography projects, large and small, will be located on the home page with easy access to each of the galleries.

To kick off the new design, I've added a few new projects and will be adding more soon..  

La Morada is a series of images of an old church in Taos, New Mexico.  I fell in love with Taos on a recent trip there.  I'll be adding more images to another gallery soon.


Tall Ships is another short project documenting the incredible ships (and crowds) that showed up to watch them recently in Galveston.

Tree Silhouettes is an ongoing project.  I just love taking these pictures.

I hope you enjoy the new look to the site and the new photo projects. Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for updates.