First Helicopter Ride

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog.  348 Days to be exact.  I believe that's probably a little too long between posts. 

Anyway, I got to take my very first Helicopter ride not to long ago.  Thanks to my good neighbor and friend Russ Mullins for the invite.  Some of his aerial photos and other great artwork can been seen on his website 

This was my first time doing any type of aerial photography and I hope it's not my last.  Flying along in a helicopter with the doors off is quite the rush.  A totally different experience than I had imagined.  Here's a few photos from the ride.

This was the ship Russ was hired to take pictures of.  Fred Hartman Bridge in the background

Subdivision in the early building stages.  This reminds me of the Nazca Lines in Peru.  What do you think the Aliens think of this?

Freeway Interchange