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The items on this page are free to download.

These are PDF Presentations (slideshows) of different projects I've made.  These can be fairly large PDF files, so it is best to save them to your computer before viewing.  To do this, right-click on the image of the project you'd like to download, select "save link as", then choose where you'd like to save the document.

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MotorCycle Abstracts

The images in this collection were taken over the course of four years at the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston.  It's a huge event with up to 500,000 people in attendance.  As the title says, these are abstract images of the focal point of what brings all of these people together.  The Motorcycle.

Download the free MotorCycle Abstracts PDF  (right-click, save link as)





Pontem Nostris (our bridge)

These are images taken of the Galveston Causeway Bridge.  Mostly abstract in nature, it examines the underlying structure of the bridge that is hidden from most travelers across the top of it.  This presentation has additional images not included in the folio.

Download the Pontem Nostris PDF  (right-click, save link as)