Door #2, aka "untitled door #2"

Generally, I don't title my photographs.  I guess the idea of having to be creative with the naming process has never really appealed or come naturally to me.  I recently had a small showing of work in a coffee shop here in Galveston, and on the inventory sheet they asked me to fill out prior to the show, there was a space for the title of each piece of work.   Could I just put "untitled" for every image?  Being nervous about that and not wanting to rock the boat,  I quickly came up with a bunch of uninspired names for the work.  All of the names ended up being very literal, like "Chair Shadow"  and "Banana Leaf".  I should have just put "untitiled" for each, it would have been less embarrassing.  Should I feel compelled to put a title to each image? I think the real reason is that I'm not clever enough to come up with witty or meaningful titles.  Take the image below for example.  I have several images of this door.  Should I  start naming them door #1, then door #2, then door #3?  My images are starting to sound like a game show. I'm not really looking for an answer here, I guess I'm looking for a reason to title a picture of a door.

I should stop typing,  Here's "Door #2".  No, I'll call it  "untitled door #2".

untitled door #2