I'm scanning my old negatives into digital form.  It's a painstakingly slow process, but one that I'm enjoying. It's fun to breath new life into some images that have been kept in a storage box for more than 15 years.  Back when I was taking photos on film, very few ever made it to the enlarger for printing.  The image below was one of those images.  I was too busy making other images at the time, that this one never got made into a print.  It's been fun trip down memory lane picking out negatives to scan.

Now, although still not printed, it's at least out of the storage box and into the world.

As always, comments are appreciated

JohnMillerPhotography-Truck Center
JohnMillerPhotography-Truck Center

Location and date: Utah, Idaho, or Oregon. early to mid 1990's.   I have a bad memory and even worse records.