That's a crazy looking cloud.

Once again, I've gone far too long between posts. I took these photos several months ago, processed them almost immediately, then let them sit on my computer "gathering dust." This has become a habit of mine that I need to stop. Hopefully, you'll be seeing more from me as I attempt to break my bad habits. I stumbled upon this impressive cloud while walking my dog around the neighborhood.  I turned to my wife and said "That's a crazy looking cloud."  She agreed.

I don't often take my camera with me on these walks, so I was truly lucky to have my camera that evening. I've noticed more times than not, that when I have my camera, I find things I want to photograph, but when I don't have it, it's very rare that I feel like I've missed something.  I'm not exactly sure what that last statement means, but I think I'll start carrying my camera with me more often.

Lessons I've learned from writing this post.

1.  Post more often.

2.  Take camera everywhere.

As always, comments are appreciated

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JohnMillerPhotography-Pelicans and Cloud-2014

JohnMillerPhotography-Cloud and Causeway

JohnMillerPhotography-8 Pelicans-2014