Galveston SeaWall

I'm embarking on a new long term photography project.  The Galveston SeaWall.  This is always an exciting time for me because there are so many possibilities on how a project will end up.  The SeaWall being such a large subject (over 10 miles long), I see this taking some time to cover.  By the end, I hope to capture what the SeaWall means to Galveston and the people who live, work, and play here.

With this new project, I've also started an Instagram account to put some of these images and others out into the world.  You can follow me here:  john_miller_photography


Minimalism and Me

I've been reading a bit about minimalism lately. Not necessarily about minimalist art, but how to live more simply.  Like many people, I thought minimalism was all about not having things,doing without, suffering.  I was wrong.  It's seems to be more about deciding what is important and what is not.  Keeping and nourishing things/ideas that have meaning to you and discarding those that don't.  Seems quite liberating.

Looking back through my pictures from the last several years, I've found that my photography has slowly become more minimalist. Simple and less cluttered.  This begs the question. Is my visual aesthetic helping to shape the rest of my life?  or has my recent reading on minimalism helped me to see different ideas coming through in my photos?  


Further reading on living a simpler life  :mnmlist

Right around the corner

I love taking photographs while traveling.  For some reason it seems easier to do when everything is new and different. I have a friend who seems to be constantly traveling and taking some of the most wonderful photographs.  At times, I'm quite jealous that she is consistently  in new and exciting places. She's also an excellent writer (and inspiring me to do a better job at it) Please check out her work here.  Jennifer Davidson Photography

Unfortunately, I don't get to travel nearly as much as I'd like to, so I'm generally stuck with what's nearby.  That's not all bad.  There's beauty and interesting things no matter where you are.  You just have to look. The three images below were taken within 100 yards of my front door.  To me, photography is about seeing what's around you.  What better place to start, than right around the corner.