Motorcycle Abstracts

The Lone Star Rally descends upon Galveston Island each Fall, bringing upward of 500,000 visitors to the quaint little island over the course of a weekend.  All sorts of bikers and non bikers are in attendance and it makes for quite an event.  There are hundreds of vendors displaying and selling just about everything associated with biker culture.

The main attraction for many is the motorcycles.  Tens of thousands of them line the streets .  Everything you can image is there,  from stock cruisers to totally custom choppers.  The array of possibilities for customizing a motorcycle is endless.

I’m an outsider to biker culture, but I’m still intrigued by its focal point.  The motorcycle with its sleek shiny chrome, its promise of freedom and independence, and its deafening roar is quite alluring.  What an amazing piece of machinery.  Motorcycles are cool. They’re powerful and beautiful, and it is these qualities that have been the cornerstone upon which an entire culture has been built.

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